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Corporate information (US)
Sajen Inc. began as a small business based in San Francisco, making and distributing jamu to independent natural grocery stores. The company began with one goal: to promote healthy living, products made with local, organic, sustainable raw ingredients.

Local Partnership
We began distributing JAMU - Earth Drink® in 2009. In 2010, Sajen Inc, USA, won an international competition organised by British Airways, and received an award for Sajen Jamu Earth Drink®

In April 2011, we entered into a joint-venture agreement to form Sajen Food & Beverage Sdn. Bhd. Together, we work in collaboration with Perak Agro Herbal Sdn Bhd to to cultivate organic and bio-dynamic raw materials such as turmeric, (yellow, black, and white) and other roots. Sajen is committed to manufacture and distribute more JAMU - Earth Drink® - your natural and healthy enjoyment.

We are committed to providing quality and healthy products. In setting up our manufacturing facilities, we have put in place, processes and systems working towards HACCP and Jakim Compliance to provide the necessary assurance to our customers.

Social Economic Contribution
We are committed to contribute towards  the local and global communities in which we operate. We work with local partners and producers, as we look forward to blending and creating more jamu products for a more natural alternative to your overall wellness.