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Our Story

The Founder

Our founder, Morsinah Kartimin, began her “jamu journey” in 2008, as she saw people embracing healthy food and, as “superfoods” become more acceptable.

“I feel the time is right for me to share my cultural heritage with friends and family in the Bay Area. We began with jamu, because I have consumed it since childhood and it makes me feel healthy, relax, and less depressed. I love making jamu and sambal because they are delicious, natural, and nutritious. “

She started preparing them on demand, with good intentions, in certified green kitchen in San Francisco, California.

“I chose glass even though it is more expensive than plastic because I support eco-friendly sustainable glass packaging. I pride ourselves in producing food products that have zero waste. I want to keep the integrity of jamu because it is unique, tasty, nutritious, and healthy.”

“Sajen” The Offering of Wellness
Sajen comes from the Malay word “sajian” which means offering. 
In choosing this as the brand name, it reflects our commitment to sharing our offering to the world.

Our Secret
INGREDIENTS DO MATTER; and they MAKE THE DIFFERENCE to our unique and delightfully refreshing and energizing taste!

We use specially selected and freshly-cut, unprocessed ingredients to make Sajen Jamu Earth Drink®, a natural healing, energy and functional drink.

Our traditional goodness is preserved in a secret formula developed and offered to the world with a special blend that is deliciously healthy.